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Testicular Biopsy
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Testicular biopsy is a medical procedure that requires the removal of a small sample of tissue from either or both the testicles. This is done delicately and skillfully using a flexible syringe. This sample is then examined under a microscope to determine the capability of the patient to beget a child. Since testicles are the only organs responsible for the production of sperms, testing them helps in analyzing the fertility of a man better.

Other than that, testicular biopsy could be done in the following situations:-

  1. If the male suffers from unexplained infertility
  2. If the male’s semen is devoid of sperms
  3. Commonly, for surgical extraction of sperms from the testicles for IVF or IUI.
  4. Rarely, when there are suspicions of testicular cancer

The Jaipur Fertility Centre holds a well endowed laboratory and examiners who are highly qualified and capable of analyzing semen well. Several patients have been successfully treated for sperm related or male fertility issues here.

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