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Embryo Freezing
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This process entails the freezing of a female’s eggs and a male’s sperms for preservation.

Sperms – Some of the most prevalent reasons behind sperm freezing include:-

  1. Inability of a male to ejaculate when required
  2. Men wishing to delay parenthood due to other priorities such as building a successful career.
  3. Before vasectomy.
  4. Before treatments associated with cancers.
  5. Ailments such as blocked epididymis, etc

Sperms are frozen within hours of extraction and can be frozen up to 10 years (more in special cases) with the payment of an affordable amount per year. These sperms can be later used after being de-frozen by the owner later for IVF or can be donated to another couple for IUI, ICSI or IVF.

Oocytes - Not just sperms, but egg cells from females are also frozen for preservation. Some of the reasons behind egg freezing include:-

  1. Women wishing to delay parenthood due to other priorities such as establishing a promising career where they do not get time for other responsibilities.
  2. Before treatments associated with cancers that can affect the ability of a female to produce matured eggs.

Just like sperms, ovum or female egg cells are also frozen within hours of extraction and stored up to 10 years (more in special cases) with regular payment of a nominal fee. These eggs can be thawed and used in the future by the owner or a recipient to whom they are donated to create embryos by fusing them with a male’s sperms.

Embryos – Embryos formed in the lab by the fusion of extracted eggs and sperms can also be preserved by being put in cryo or being frozen for as long as is required. Thereafter, they can be defrosted and then placed inside the uterus of the designated female to let them implant themselves onto the endometrium to initiate pregnancy. In addition, they can also be donated to another deprived infertile couple in which both the partners are unable to produce either of the required cells to make an embryo.

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