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icsi procedure

ICSI is a process in which a single sperm is inserted or placed into an egg using a special syringe. Semen is obtained either by naturally or via extraction from the testicles using a sharp and thin needled syringe. The collected semen is then subjected to testing and washing in the lab wherein the healthiest sperms are separated from the unhealthy or incompetent ones. One of these sperms is then placed inside an egg via a syringe that is inserted through the egg cell’s cytoplasm shell akin to what happens naturally when the sperms reach the mature egg of a female in her uterus. This artificial fusion of the egg and sperm results in the fertilization of the egg that ultimately transitions into an embryo. This embryo is then later transferred into the female’s womb.

ICSI is opted for more than IVF thanks to its higher rate of success. Often times, patients who have been through one or two unsuccessful IVF therapies go for this procedure.

Jaipur Fertility Centre has several successful ICSI treatments under its belt. The staff is adept with handling delicate samples well and making the most advantageous use of them.

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