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Embryoscope Services
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Embryo scope is the latest cutting edge technology available only at very few centers in India in which embryo are kept in an incubator to develop naturally. Furthermore, the embryos are kept under surveillance throughout the time wherein they develop into blastocysts.

The camera, which is incorporated into the design of the incubator, captures clips of the embryo and creates a time-lapse video of the same. This video is not just used by doctors to analyze their patient’s embryos at the same time in which the embryos are growing but, it can also be given to the parents to witness their embryos growing. This surveillance helps the doctors keep an eye on the development of the embryos and assures them that they are growing well. It also helps the embryologists monitor the division of cells inside the embryos. An embryo’s division pattern plays an important role as a criterion when choosing one or more embryos for transfer.

Some advantages of embryo scoping are:-

  1. Better selection of embryos for embryo transfer
  2. Prediction of any genetic disease or abnormality that they baby may suffer from in the future.

Parents get to know much more about their embryos before birth.

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