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An IUI treatment involves the insertion or placing of sperms in the uterus of a female during the time of ovulation giving them a head start.

The couple avoids intercourse or other sexual activities to collect sufficient sperms in the male partner’s testicles. Subsequently, the sperms are obtained from the male partner (via masturbation or extraction from the testicles). This semen is then analyzed to obtain the best quality sperms which are then separated from the incompetent ones. Thereafter, these good quality sperms are placed inside the uterus of the female patient through a thin, long tube that is inserted via the vagina and vaginal tract into the uterus. Even though this process does not cause any pain, it may cause some amount of discomfort to the female. In addition, she may experience some discharge post-procedure. This discharge is completely normal as the vagina tries to wash itself out after coming in contact with a foreign object.

Later, the sperm placed inside the uterus travels to the matured egg in the uterus and fertilizes it to form a zygote which, on implantation, results in pregnancy.

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