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Cyst Aspiration
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Cyst Aspiration is a process in which a fine needle is inserted into a cyst to suck out all the fluid or cells within hence, removing the cyst completely. The most common areas to be worked on include the breasts (lumps, swelling, soreness and cysts) and ovaries. The cysts are removed or the liquid in them is drawn out using a syringe to relieve discomfort and/or complications.

The first step involves scanning the targeted location with an ultrasound to locate the cyst(s). Then a doctor examines the location physically. Later, a sample of the constituents of the cyst(s) are extracted and sent to the lab to be tested. This helps to determine why and how the cyst was formed.

Even though it is not done often, but local anesthesia (in the skin) may be given to the patient before the insertion if the doctor feels the requirement or if requested by the patient.

On insertion, the doctor will move the needle to and fro to gather all the cells to be remove while pulling the plunger. More than one sample may be taken depending on how many tests are to be taken and also, to collect sufficient amount of sample.

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