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PGD Done Using NGS
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PGD or Next Generation Sequence, also referred to as NGS or New Generation Sequencing, is an analysis performed on the embryos formed via In-Vitro Fertilization. This special kind of screening is performed on the embryos to point out any genetic abnormalities in them. These genetic abnormalities are capable of developing into fatal diseases in the baby in the future or even in the womb.

The first step in this test consists of the creation of embryos via IVF. Over the following three days of creation, the embryo will develop and its cells will divide into 8 cells. Once these cells are formed, one or two of these cells are removed and tested to find any genetic abnormality or traces of hereditary diseases. Eventually, the embryos that pass the PGS test will be transferred into the mother’s uterus for implantation. The other healthy embryos are frozen for future use and the unhealthy ones are terminated.

The people who could benefit from a PGS/NGS test include:-

  1. Women of 35 years of age or over
  2. Women who have experienced recurringpregnancy loss
  3. Women who have experienced more than one failed fertility treatment
  4. Couples with genetic disorders like diabetes, developmental problems, etc
  5. If either partner or both carry single gene disorders

Couples with chromosomal disorders

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