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  • Infertility is often widely misunderstood and in our scenario female partner is often made to bear the brunt of it. Confusion and inaccurate information abound that can cloud the facts. It is essential to be informed with accurate and reliable information about infertility.

    Fact: Infertility can be due to male partner, female partner or both.

    (Myth: Infertility is due to inability of the Wife to bear a child) Infertility is a disease of the reproductive system and it affects both men and women. For this reason, during the first infertility investigations,it is important to test both the partners. 30% of Infertility can be due female partner, 30% due to male partner and 40 % can be due to both or unexplained.

    Fact: You are not alone.

    (Myth: Why me ? / My past karma are coming in our way of parenting my own child) On average, one in eight couples of reproductive age will be infertile, that is more than 10 percent of couples ! However, if couples seek treatment, most will be successful in having a baby.

    Fact: Seeking treatment as early as possible improves changes of getting pregnant.

    (Myth: We have enough time to keep on trying naturally or go for alternative / magical remedies) The single most common misconception among women ( and men !) is that they can achieve a pregnancy at any age. Unfortunately this is not true. A woman’s fertility naturally decreases with age. They start to decrease beginning in the early 20s and drop more rapidly after 35. Even with treatment, pregnancies over the age of 42 are uncommon.

    Fact: Even if you’ve already had a child, secondary infertility is possible.

    (Myth: We cannot have infertility as we have had a child / pregnancy before) Secondary infertility—the inability to get pregnant naturally or carry a pregnancy to term after successfully conceiving one or more children—is actually quite common. However, unlike those with primary infertility, people affected by secondary infertility are much less likely to seek infertility treatments. Causes secondary infertility can bematernal age, damaged or blocked Fallopian tubes, problems with ovulation, endometriosis, and problems with sperm production.

    Fact: IVF is not the first step.

    (Myth: IVF is the only treatment of infertility) Many patients will begin with basic treatment, achieve a pregnancy, and never have a need for in vitro fertilization (IVF), which is considered an advanced treatment. However, some patients may need to go straight to IVF due to their diagnosis, such as blocked Fallopian tubes or advanced maternal age. Most of the Fertility Centres, practice a stepped treatment approach for infertility, going from basic treatments like planned relations to IUI to more advanced treatments like IVF. While IVF offers outstanding success rates, it may not be necessary.

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