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Laser Assisted Hatching
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This procedure involves the creation of a slit or tiny opening in the shell of the embryo before it is transferred based on the theory that it helps the embryo break through the shell to implant itself to the uterine wall during its blastocyst stage.

The egg cells of a female are surrounded by a special shell called the Zona Pellucida. This shell is not easy to break through by a sperm. Hence, even out of millions of sperms in one ejaculation, only one is able to fuse with an egg to form a zygote giving human reproduction a small rate of success.

In the process of Laser assisted hatching, this shell is pierced ever so carefully by two ways:-

  1. Acid hatching
  2. Laser hatching

At Jaipur Fertility Centre, we use an anodyne laser that softens the Zona Pellucida to make it easier for a sperm to pierce it.

Embryos are surrounded by a similar shell which it needs to break through to latch onto the endometrium for implantation. To make it easier for the embryo to break-through the shell, the embryo is subjected to non-contact anodyne laser to make the shell weak which eventually makes it easier for the embryo to get out of it.

Some of the common problems that can be rectified using assisted laser hatching include:-

  1. If the female patient is over 35 years of age and her eggs have a shell too hard for sperms to penetrate.
  2. If the embryos being transferred were frozen for preservation.

If the designated couple has been through several failed IVF, IUI, ICSI cycles.

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