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Planning Your First Visit.
  • Important Patient Information Regarding Your Visit / Treatment:

    You can visit the Jaipur Fertility Centre any time whenever you feel the need of taking an expert opinion regarding fertility. Day 2 to day 5 of your menstrual period is the preferred time.

    You can always contact 0141-2282425 or jaipurfertility@gmail.com for any query, 24 X 7.

    You can visit after having a normal breakfast. Our Fertility specialist will take your detailed history, listen to your clinical complaints and then advise blood test(s) that shall detect the important reproductive hormones (chemicals) like FSH, LH (released from the brain to stimulate your ovaries to develop the preformed eggs) & Estrogen (released from ovaries that helps to develop the uterus lining) and a sonographic examination of your abdomen & pelvis. Depending on your history and the problem that is affecting your fertility, the doctor may request certain other tests like thyroid hormones, prolactin, AMH (to check your ovarian reserve) etc. Similar tests that have been done within the last three months shall be acceptable and need not be repeated.

    The reports, most likely, would be available in the evening of the same day (if the sample has been given before 12 noon) and will be discussed with you as soon as they are available. Your treatment options and final plan would be discussed with you in detail, medicines shall be prescribed and the schedule of taking them would be given on a printed paper. Also, you will be informed of your subsequent visits.

    You can go home once the reports have been reviewed either on same day or next morning depending upon your convenience.

    Our travel and accommodation desk shall help you with the subsequent travel arrangements.

    In case, IVF is prescribed as a treatment option, the next visit is most likely to last for 10 – 15 days, in which you would be given special hormonal injections of recombinant or highly purified injections of FSH / HMG / LH, followed by sonography and blood hormone testing every 3rd or 4th day. Once, you have enough mature eggs (seen on sonography) you will be given an injection to further develop and release them (HCG injection). 36 hours after this, the eggs would be retrieved (also known as Ovum / Egg pick up) and would be allowed to mix with the sperm sample of your male partner resulting in embryo formation or cultured to blastocyst stage, if required. After 3 to 5 days, these embryos (or blastocysts) will be transferred into your uterus. You can go home 3 – 4 hours after this and work like normal but we recommend mild daily activities only.

    A blood test serum beta HCG, done to detect pregnancy, will be performed after 15 days. We wish you all the best !!!

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