Altruistic/Relative Surrogacy

Altruistic Surrogacy

When a surrogate mother agrees to carry the intended parents’ child in her womb without being paid a fee, the surrogacy is referred to as Altruistic Surrogacy. Although, all surrogate pregnancies can be put under this category, yet most of the surrogate mothers are paid by the hospital or clinic. In the case of an Altruistic Surrogacy, a woman indulges in an act of ultimate selflessness by helping a couple become parents without any payment out of generosity and kindness.

This procedure is greatly helpful for couples that are infertile and cannot afford the expenses of surrogacy. Nevertheless, the couple will have to pay for tests, prenatal vitamins, medications, etc of the surrogate mother.

Relative Surrogacy

As the name suggests, when a relative or kin of the intended couple plays the role of a surrogate for them, the pregnancy is known as Relative Surrogacy.

A lot of couples, who are in dire need of surrogacy, feel hesitant to have their child gestated and birthed by a woman not belonging to their family. In such case, a member of their family or a kin could be chosen to carry their child thus allowing them to feel comfortable about the whole process.

Jaipur Fertility Center actively conducts Altruistic/Relative Surrogacy with positive results and happy patients. Additionally, both the intended parents and the surrogate mother are generously counseled and guided all through the procedure to ensure maximum comfort, confidence and success.


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