International Patients

Infertility is a problem that sees no caste, creed, social position, age or culture to strike a person. Consequently, several couples, who have been unsuccessfully trying to have a baby, are diagnosed with infertility all over the world. Nonetheless, infertility treatments are not that affordable in most countries. And if these treatments are reasonably priced in some countries, they are not effective enough. India, however, is a place with the perfect amalgamation of inexpensive treatments and high-quality results available in its top-notch infertility clinics and hospitals.

What’s even better? International patients are more than welcome here! Numerous couples from countries like Australia, USA, UK, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, Germany and many more have tried their luck in India and returned home with a bundle of joy in their arms.

Jaipur Fertility Center is one of the most preferred destinations for foreign patients seeking infertility treatments in India. Situated in the capital of Rajasthan – Jaipur, JFC is regarded amongst the top infertility treatment centers in Rajasthan. With its team of adroit doctors and punctual staff, the patients are well taken care of and feel comfortable in the hospital. Furthermore, JFC holds pride in its admirable record of successful treatments of both Indian as well as international patients.


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